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web developer

Web developer is a professional who making fully designs both of front and back end of the website and handle all the issues in websites

content creator

A content creator responsible for producing various of content forms for all social media platforms

Graphic designer

A graphic designer creates concept of every visual, for example (videos-designs-identity)

Account Manager

Account manager is responsible for the contact between the company and clients, understanding the clients’ goals and ensure their satisfaction

Business developer

A business developer is responsible for creating business strategies and helps in expanding the companies reach and engagement

Media Buyer

A media buyer is responsible for promoting media campaigns to reach the target audience and optimize the results


A moderator is the main responsible for managing discussions, interactions on social media platforms and answer the audience questions

Art director

Art director is responsible for overseen the visuals and ensuring about it matches the company objectives

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist is responsible for creating a social media strategy, campaign planning and SWOT analysis for each client and competitors


A photographer is responsible for capture images based on the concept of company visuals, in addition to editing and retouching


The company accountant is responsible for the financial details of clients and contracts as well as financial matters relating to the company's employees

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